Packaging machines tools development and solutions

Tailor-made products

according to each

customer specifications

requirements and needs

Quality guaranteed

by the competence of SBR

in executing high precision

machining operations


The tools and services provided by SBR Pack Tools are made to order, respecting the technical requests of each costumer. Being recognized for its technical precision and finishing quality, SBR makes available the complete line of tools and parts for automatic packaging machines. All the parts are produced in special steels, what increases the life span of the product.


SBR produces a wide variety of industrial knives and anvil knives to be used in automatic packaging machines, such as vertical packaging machines and horizontal flowpack machines, for cutting of pleated packs as portfolio, stand up pouch, sachets, and eurolock, among others.

Crimpers and Sealing Jaws

The crimpers and sealing jaws produced by SBR can be made by several types of materials, depending on each costumer necessity. With grinding finishing, the parts ensure a great effectiveness to the process of sealing. Made for candies packagers, horizontal flowpack, vertical, vacuum and sachets, can be produced with longitudinal and upright grooves.

Sealing Rollers and Fin Wheels

SBR produces sealing rollers and fin wheels for hot and cold sealing for packs of sachets, in addition to producing blister sealing rollers. The parts are produced with grinding finishing and can be produced by several types of materials.

Jaw Shafts

SBR produces jaw shafts for sealing jaw fixation and for fin wheels. All the parts have grinding finishing, providing a great precision to the product. This process ensures a better performance of the tool, contributing to a perfect regulation of the machine.

Hole Punches

SBR produces a wide variety of hole punches that can combine with different packages systems to different purpuses. Alone or combined with crimpers and sealing jaws, the hole punches works both for horizontal and vertical packaging machines.


Specialized in precision machining, SBR PACK TOOLS was pioneer in offering to Brazilian market the complete line of cutting and sealing automatic packaging machines made to order.


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